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JetBlue Vacations Bermuda Jet/Set Bermuda
Sep. 4–9

Practice makes perfect vacationing.

Prepare for your Bermuda adventure.

There’s more to Bermuda than just pink sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Bet you didn’t know there’s also an 18-mile bike trail and rock climbing on jagged coastal cliffs. The kinds of activities where “just winging it” will only get you so far.

Luckily, JetBlue Vacations and the Bermuda Tourism Authority are getting you ready for all Bermuda has to offer with a set of free workout classes offered on ClassPass in New York City.

Registration for Bermuda Jet/Set classes opens on ClassPass one week prior to the day of each class. Space in each class is limited and available on a first come, first-served basis. Until then, start exploring below to find your next adventure.

Ready, Jet/Set, go!


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coastal cliff climbing obstacle course off-road running railway trail biking stand-up paddleboarding
brooklyn boulders

coastal cliff climbing

When you’re prepared to reach the top of the cliff, nothing can top your vacation.

Learn the ropes of rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders to get the most out of your coastal cliff climb in Bermuda.

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switch playground

triple challenge obstacle course

The views in Bermuda should leave you breathless, not The Bermuda Triple Challenge.

Get ready to tackle a series of challenging obstacle courses across the island of Bermuda with a variety of HIIT workouts at Switch Playground.

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mile high run club

scenic off‑road running

Vacation is for running from reality, not running out of breath.

Warm up your legs and increase your endurance at Mile High Run Club before hitting the breathtaking running routes of Bermuda.

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cyc fitness

railway trail biking

You never want to spend a vacation spinning your wheels. Unless it’s along the Bermuda Railway Trail.

Get your heart rate (and resistance) up at Cyc Fitness before hitting the island’s scenic 18-mile trail.

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surfset nyc

stand-up paddleboarding

A vacation is where you find balance, which won’t happen if you can’t even balance on a paddleboard.

Practice your stand-up paddleboard skills at SurfSet NYC before attempting it in Bermuda.

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how to book on classpass

Current Members

  1. Open your ClassPass app.
  2. Select the Bermuda Jet/Set card on the home screen.
  3. Explore and book your free class.


  1. Sign up for a two-week trial on 8/28 at
  2. Download the ClassPass app.
  3. Once you’ve created an account, explore Bermuda Jet/Set on the home screen and book your free class.

Previous Members

  1. Log back into your old account and follow the reactivation instructions.*
  2. Once reactivated, open the app and select the Bermuda Jet/Set card on the home screen.
    *ClassPass will waive your reactivation fee

Bermuda Jet/Set will not appear on ClassPass until 8/28 at noon EST.

Space in each class is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.